Journal of VolgSMU
Quarterly scientific-practical journal

UDK: 618.7:616–002

Postpartum infectious complications from the positions of the systemic inflammatory response

M. S. Selikhova

Кафедра акушерства и гинекологии ВолГМУ


High frequency of postpartum infectious complications makes them one of the most actual problems in modern obstetrics. Investigation of 186 parturient women with post-parturition infectious complications revealed elevated level of cytokines ((lL-1, IL-6, TNF) and endotoxin in the serum of the patients associated with the changes in the albumin metabolism and neuro-humoral regulation manifested by the changed level of cortisol and prolactin. Inclusion of trascranial electrostimulation and medication dibicor in the complex treatment showed marked clinical effect and provided fast restoration of physiological level of regulation. The results of the research were evaluated from the positions of the systemic inflammatory response development.


infectious complications of the post-partum period, systemic inflammatory response


Селихова Марина Сергеевна – к.м.н., доцент кафедры акушерства и гинекологии ВолГМУ,