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UDK: 616.155.02:616–036.2:576.2(470.345)

Dynamics of epidemiology and of some morphofunctional features of hemoblastosis in republic of mordovia

L. V. Zotova, N. A. Plotnikova, E. E. Ponomareva, L. Ya. Labzina

Мордовский государственный университет им. Н.П. Огарева, г. Саранск


Epidemiological and morphological structure of malignant tumors in hemopoietic and lymphoid tissues in the Republic of Mordovia over the period 1999-2005 has been studied. Dynamics of midmolecular peptides and ceruloplasmin content in the blood serum allows an assessment of the efficiency of the administered chemotherapy.


epidemiology, morbidity structure, oncological diseases of the blood, hemoblastosis, chemotherapy