Journal of VolgSMU
Quarterly scientific-practical journal

UDK: 36:159.9:614.2

Social work & clinical psychology as supporting professions in health care

V. M. Chizhova, M. E. Volchansky, M. I. Tchumakova, S. A. Krivasheyev, J. V. Nemirovskaya

Кафедра социальной работы ВолГМУ


Health care reform presupposes its structural reorganization with incorporation into the medical establishment of specialties that are new for domestic medicine: social work and medical psychology. The changes of traditional Russian culture of healing embodied in the image of a perfect zemsky physician are taking the shape of dramatic overwork for practicing physicians, including some functions non-medical in essence and requiring specialist training. Further labour division taking place within the medical speciality expands the whole health care system by means of introducing professions with non-medical educational background, which, however, contribute greatly to the efficacy of medicine and improvement of health and life quality.


social work, clinical psychology, supporting profession, division of labour


Волчанский Михаил Евгеньевич – к.соц.н., доцент, зав. кафедрой общей и клинической психологии,