Journal of VolgSMU
Quarterly scientific-practical journal

UDK: 616.381–002–085.246

Evaluation of effectiveness of local perftoran administration in peritonitis of genital origin

E. Yu. Martyshkina, O. B. Mamiev, R. D. Moustafin, A. A. Zhidovinov

Астраханская государственная медицинская академия


Serum levels of interleukins, tumor necrosis factor, markers of endotoxycosis and peritoneal exudates were assessed in 36 patients with acute purulent diseases of pelvis minor with intra-abdominal perfusion of perftoran and 25 controls. The evaluation of laboratory and clinical findings in two groups demonstrated the effectiveness of perftoran administration by decrease in studied indices, extent of complications and duration of hospital stay.


peritonitis, interleukins, endotoxycosis, perftoran