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UDK: 616-089+617.5


O.F. Vorontsov , , V.V. Tolochyk , I.V. Mikhin , A.V. Kitaeva , C. Graeb

¹Сана Клиникум Хоф, Германия; ²ФГБОУ ВО «Волгоградский государственный медицинский университет» Министерства здравоохранения Российской Федерации


This article presents current data from the world medical literature and a five-year study of surgical clinic on the effect of perioperative intestinal decontamination in patients with acute complicated diverticulitis on the frequency of postoperative complications after elective resection of the sigmoid colon and the formation of primary colorectal anastomosis. The possibility of selective perioperative intestinal decontamination in patients with acute sigmoid diverticulitis complicated by covered perforation, the number of postoperative surgical and general complications was observed. The used scheme of topical antibacterial sanitation, along with orthograde intestinal cleansing with osmolar solutions, significantly reduced the frequency of insufficiency of colectal anastomoses, surgical (abdominal) and the total number of postoperative complications.


selective intestinal decontamination, diverticular disease, acute complicated diverticulitis, colorectal anastomosis failure, postoperative complications.


Воронцов Олег Феликсович – главный старший хирург клиники общей, онкологической и торакальной хирургии Сана Клиникум Хоф (Германия), соискатель кафедры хирургических болезней педиатрического и стоматологического факультетов, Волгоградский государственный