Journal of VolgSMU
Quarterly scientific-practical journal

UDK: 378-577.001.86

Personal experience resulting from the influence of the teaching process and the educational environment at the department of biochemistry

Artyukhina A.I., Velikanova O.F., Ostrovsky O.V.

Кафедра теоретической и клинической биохимии ВолГМУ


The paper offers a comparative theoretical analysis of personal experience which may be acquired in practical biochemistry studies and under the influence of educational environment. New pedagogical knowledge may be useful for development of strategies for personal professional advancement of students.



Островский Олег Владимирович – д.м.н., профессор, зав. кафедрой теоретической биохимии с курсом клинической биохимии, e-mail: