Journal of VolgSMU
Quarterly scientific-practical journal


Establishment of marketing strategy to public relation of Russian corporations

Belskyh I.E.

Волгоградский филиал ГОУ ВПО "Московский энергетический институт" (технический университет)


The information society of XXI century is interested in the account of the opinion in development of any commercial or noncommercial corporation. The unique way to take into account this opinion, is possible only through social interaction of firms and consumers within the framework of modern concepts of public relations. In article, from positions of social – ethic marketing, substantive provisions of the purposes of public relations of the Russian companies are determined. The author carries to the marketing purposes of firm: popularity of a name, branch authority, public image, and business, technological, charitable, ecological reputation.



Волгоградский филиал ГОУ ВПО "Московский энергетический институт"