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  • Page 3
  • UDK: 615-616.9-331-616.07
  • V.I. Petrov
  • «Pharmacoepydemiology and pharmacoeconomics – the new trends of evidence medicine»
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Оригинальные статьи

  • Page 8
  • M.V.Abramova, P.A.Bakumov, V.I.Petrov
  • «Pharmacoeconomy and pharmacoepydemiology of drugs for ulcer disease and nonfunction»
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  • Page 24
  • V.A.Likhodeeva, A.A.Spasov, V.B.Mandrikov, T.E.Fatianova
  • «Disadaptation problems in the training of the young sportsmen: biochemical diagnostics and main directions of their possible correction»
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  • Page 27
  • I.V. Mikhailov, P.V. Glibochko, M.L. Chekhonackaya
  • «Immune status at pregnant patients with purulent pyelonephritis»
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  • Page 35
  • UDK: 615.245-616.379-008.64-085.245
  • Sobolevskaya N.V., Spasov A.A., Petraevsky A.V., Apukhtin A.F., Statsenko M.E.
  • «Optimization of therapy of microangiopathy at patients with a diabetes mellitus type II with using of a dipyridamole»
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  • Page 45
  • UDK: 611.89-611.814.1-616.8-091591.4
  • Potanin M.B.
  • «Suprachiasmatic nucleus of hypothalamus: structural peculiarities connected to high nonspecific reactivity»
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В помощь практическому врачу

  • Page 52
  • UDK: 616.72-002-085
  • A.R. Babaeva, S.A. Sergeeva, E.V. Tcherenkova, I.V. Kostryukova, K.S. Klimenko
  • «New alternatives of the prolonged therapy of the inflammatory joint diseases»
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