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UDK: 615.3-547.854.4-542.91-616.984–097–022–085

1-(3,5-Dimethylaryloxy)alkyl)-derivatives of uracil as potential antiviral agents

Novikov M.S., Ozerov A.A., Orlova Yu.A., Buckheit R.W.

Кафедра фармацевтической химии ВолГМУ, ImQuest BioSciences, Inc. (Мериленд, США)


On inhibitory analysis it was shown for 1-(3,5-dimethylaryloxy)alkyl]-derivatives of uracil to have expressed anti-HIV-1 effect. This activity was revealed in micromolar concentration indicating high efficiency of the new class of antiviral drugs.



Озеров Александр Александрович – д.х.н., профессор, зав.кафедрой фармацевтической и токсикологической химии,