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UDK: 615.851-616.056.5

Modification of the emotiogenous type of eating behavior

Khvostova O.I.

Государственный институт усовершенствования врачей, г. Новокузнецк


The article presents psychotherapeutic approaches for the modification of emotiogenous eating behavior in patients with overweight. Rational psychotherapy and hypnosis are used during the first treatment session modifying patients emotional type. Neurolinguistic programming – reframing is conducted during the second treatment session. Neurolinguistic programming of "anchor displacement" for training the indifferent response to food under stress condition is performed during the third treatment session. Such succession of approaches has been found to be more efficacious. These approaches enabled to reduce excessive body weight in our patients, and above all, to develop and maintain a more rational mode of eating behavior.



Государственный институт усовершенствования врачей, г. Новокузнецк